betterfit insole

An effective method for flat feet or uncomfortable soles is to use a Betterfit insole. Because it is one of the most scientifically appropriate methods. Betterfit insole check the arch of the sole of the foot and a number of other.

the fact that people with sick feet found out after using betterfit insole !

It helped them feel less pain and pain in their feet. because they set the arches to fit their feet.

“I always had to get a foot massage every evening. When I walk a lot, I take a bath, and when I watch TV, I always massage with my hands. I haven’t done that since these betterfit insole. It’s amazing.”

Lee * eun

"I've been standing all day, and I'm comfortable with my feet."

“I’ve been using betterfit insole for six months. I liked betterfit insole so much that I bought it for my child. And I advise people around me to buy betterfit. My back used to hurt a lot, but now I don’t have a pain.”

Choi *ren

"The whole family is very happy."

“betterfit insole was a great help to me. First of all, it was good because shoes were not attracted to the ground. Besides, my feet were comfortable, so I always felt better.So I am very grateful to betterfit insole.”

O *nam

"I think that's why I'm using it."

“I was originally using another insole, but my friend introduced me betterfit insole. I have been using betterfit insole ever since. My feet get hot and sore when I work on my feet all day.  After using betterfit insole, it became comfortable. ”

Choi *ung

"I'm glad I'm comfortable with my soles."

“When I woke up in the morning, my heels hurt because of plantar fasciitis. betterfit insole After use, fatigue has decreased. After using betterfit insole, I felt that my body and feet were very healthy.” 

Choi *ran

"I am not tired because my feet are healthy."

“Usually I have cramps in my legs and ache in my arch, but the pain has decreased after I use betterfit insole. The number of massage treatments has also decreased. I’m sleeping well thanks to betterfit insole.”

Kim *hong

"I don't have any pain in my feet, so I get a good night's sleep."

“I went to E-mart to buy betterfit insole. My legs hurt a lot when I work on my feet all day. My legs became less tired after using betterfit insole. Also my legs were less swollen, so he could sleep comfortably while sleeping.”

Sim *ha

"I'm less tired, so I can sleep comfortably."

“I always work standing up. So I was feeling the need for insole. I sometimes felt a pain in my leg. My wife introduced me to betterfit insole. The pain has abated since using a.” 


Lee *hyeon

"My wife introduced me to betterfit insole."

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Why is it good for flat feet and plantar fasciitis

The difference between insole and betterfit insole is different in skill and accuracy, convenience, and comfort. the outstanding advantages of betterfit insole are as follows.

Complete 3D scanning technology

Betterfit insole’s unique 3D scanners and programs can fully implement the sole of the foot in 3D.

Overseas-recognized Skills

After participating in the world fair, buyers admitted first. We gained confidence.



exact arch data

Betterfit insole has the same arch position, arch height, and arch width as the user’s foot.

Non-falling arch

Arch of betterfit insole helps to hold the user’s footpad without bending.

Accurate and Deep Hill Hole

Hill information in betterfit insole should be the same size as the heel of the user’s foot.

Posture measurement, calibration

We do not stop until the customer is satisfied.

We always promise to do our best in quality and service.





If you can scan a person’s foot in 3D, you can see a stereoscopic model of the foot. It should be checked whether it is a 3D scan or is displayed as a 3D image, as shown in the above image.

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Four requirements for flat feet insole and plantar fasciitis insole

1. good insole and all information on the soles of the feet should match. In particular, the height of the arch must be accurate.

2. good insole must have a firm material. It must sustain a person’s weight. Otherwise. A person’s ankle may be twisted and cause pain.


3. The size of the hole in the heel hole in the insole should be the same as the hole in the user’s foot heel hole


4. good insole shall have a soft cushion in the center of the front hill. Only then can insole make a lateral arch of the sole of the foot.

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It’s necessary for these people.

 flat feet, plantar fasciitis

person with a sore knee

person with a back pain

 long-standing worker

industrial worker

military man, police man, firefighter

chef, serving

golf, hiking, jogging

pregnant women, heavy person 

high-end design



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