patent technology

patent technology

Betterfit is based on betterfit’s patent and is therefore an excellent product that cannot imitate or replicate any other product. 

Through 3D scanning through laser scanning of the entire footpad, accurate data can be combined into modern science to make it easy, fast and accurate.

Betterfit system can measure the size, arch flexion, height, and depth of the footpad accurately and quickly.

Betterfit insole has the technology to distribute the weight of the entire body.


Patent list

patent 10-0764419

name of an invention : 3D shape measuring device and measurement method using irregular pattern

patent 10-1355217

name of an invention : method of manufacturing insole set for calibration

patent 10-0786120

name of an invention : manufacturing method of custom shoe window

patent 10-1396228

name of an invention : footpad scanning device

patent 10-1205185

name of an invention : Sandel with improved ease of use

Trademark 40-0932647

a trademark holder : IGD 
a proprietary name : BETTERFIT

the patent card

1. Betterfit insole can make the same insole after 3D scanning the soles of your feet.


2. You step on betterfit insole and then use the camera to measure whether your posture is straight.

3. You can see with your eyes that the twisting position is straightened.





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